ProScan 400

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This system has been specifically designed to be installed in VIP vehicles and their escorts as well as in buildings. Provides effective protection against electronic radio devices, commonly used in terrorist attacks. An active “high digital power” inhibition system designed to combat threats from radio-controlled artifacts. The PROSCAN 400 is an equipment built under MIL […]

Drone Inhibitor

Very Short Range Air-Radar

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The VSRDR-250X is a Very Short Range Air Radar, was designed to detect and track low flying targets such as Drones, Mini-UAVs, UAV and light aircrafts. The VSRDR-250X is a portable, small-dimensioned, lightweight Air Radar, working on the X Band, 8-12 GHz. The VSRDR-250X works on a pulse Doppler modulation, using a state-of-the-art phased array […]

Frequency inhibitor


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General Description•    A tactical countermeasure system designed to block HF       communications •    Frequency range from 2-30MHz•    Designed for deliberate disruption of radio signals     transmission of unwanted communications in all     rugged,tactical and extreme environments. •    Multiple Jamming techniques available •    Optional as a mobile unit upon client request  Solution Capabilities •    HF frequencies jamming •    Provides […]