About us

PROSESCAN S.A.U. was established as a company for the development and manufacture of security equipment and systems exclusively for the government sector.

After extensive experience in R & D & I and systems manufacturing, PROSESCAN was integrated in the security sector in parallel with high-tech and reputable equipment, some of them from the most prestigious companies in the world.

Quality guarantee

PROSESCAN is certified by ISO quality standards and the Environment, as well as certified by the Ministries of Defense and Interior for the purpose of its activity.


Since its creation, the PROSESCAN face-to-face infrastructure is framed in different countries and continents where our developments are known and used by the most demanding governments.

The coordinated reciprocity of international information keeps us at the forefront of punctual knowledge of events, making us participants in the procedures used in other countries.

Research, development and innovation

In our factory, we design and build equipment for protection and countermeasures in the different aspects that make up the environment for the security of goods and people, based on a latent reality and preventive assumptions.