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The ProScan-DRF BSLP system is an inhibition system that can be installed anywhere in the building to provide protection.

Each ProScan-DRF BSLO system inhibition module radiates multiple programmable inhibition carriers that can instantly inhibit selected frequency bands.

Its modular design allows the system to adjust to inhibit the required threat frequencies. The modular design also allows authorized personnel to easily carry out maintenance work.

Technical specifications
  • Frequency band: Confidential.
  • Inhibition Technique: Confidential.
  • Channels: From 16 to 512 active channels selectable in ON / OFF for each band.
  • Control: Ethernet.
  • Detector: 6 channels (optional).
  • Inhibitor Tx power on the wall: Per available band of 1-50 W specified at the time of order.
  • Antennas: Omni and / or directional of high gain.
  • Dimensions Low power version. 250mm high, 300mm wide, 70mm deep.

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