Motorized Tapes

Motorized tapes


Each element of the motorized belt equipment has been designed for operation in airport security filters, at the entrance of X-ray inspection scanners allowing easy transport of luggage by the passenger when passing said luggage. by the inspection team.

All parts of this equipment have been designed in compliance with EU regulations and specifications.

The aesthetics adopted in the conveyor belts will be in accordance with the installation of existing equipment such as roller tracks and X-ray inspection equipment.

Mechanical parts

  • Temperature: 0-45ºC.
  • Relative humidity 5% to 100% without condensation.

Control boxes and cabinets for electrical / electronic equipment

  • Temperature: 0-60ºC.
  • Relative humidity 5% to 100% without condensation.

Electrical / electronic equipment

  • Temperature: 0-60ºC.
  • Relative humidity: 5% -100% without condensation.
  • The motorized belts are designed in a modular way, free of edges, sharp projections, sharp screws and imbalances that can cause entrapments or any damage or problem to the passengers.
  • All the materials and components used in this system are conceived and designed to provide an uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Structural material characteristics

  • Aluminum in its extrusion forming forms, meets the specifications according to EN 755-1 / 2 (extruded aluminum).
Motorized Belt

Our motorized belt can operate autonomously or independently or integrated in an X-ray inspection equipment. In the latter, the movement of the motorized belt is controlled by the inspection machine’s own console. Our system is suitable for most manufacturers of X-ray inspection equipment.

Power supply and protections

The standard configuration design has a cabinet, power and maneuver, respectively, with IP44 degree of protection.

Both the wiring and the materials used comply with the most demanding airport regulations (UNE 21147)

The equipment has emergency buttons on both sides of the unit in case of an entrapment or any other contingency.

Motorized belt speed

The speed of the motorized belt will be from 0.05 to 0.90 m / s, and can be regulated throughout its range.

Static load

The system is capable of supporting up to 40 Kg / m.

Methacrylate Protection

To protect the access of the passengers to the motorized areas of the equipment, the installation has been designed a methacrylate tunnel. The height of this tunnel will be the same as that of the current X-ray equipment.

Motorized Belt
X-ray equipment attachment method

The connection between the motorized belt and the inspection equipment will be carried out laterally and on the exterior of the conveyor by means of a connection plate adapted to each model. The anchoring method is the same as that provided by the scanner manufacturer.

Auxiliary equipment

Storage tray

Housed between the motorized conveyor at the scanner exit and the roller path conveyor, to avoid the fall of the passengers’ belongings that are not inside the object trays when they leave the scanner inspection tunnel. This tray collects objects is made of galvanized steel, and padded inside with felt.


Three-phase or single-phase AC motor, single voltage, integrated motor protection, techno polymer planetary gear, reduced operating noise, low weight, maintenance-free, lifetime lubrication and reversible.

Motorized Belt
Quality guarantee

Prosescan has the ISO 9001/200 and ISO14001 certification audited by AENOR that guarantees compliance with the quality requirements of this project.

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