APC - Automated Security Filter

APC – Automated Security Filter


For the design of the Automated Security Filter (APC) system, Prosescan takes into account the airport security requirements, passenger comfort, optimization of use by airport staff, and cost optimization to achieve this. a very competitive price.

Our Automated Security Filter APC is a system that is modular and easy to implement. It is designed to work with all X-ray machines for hand luggage inspection. Can be tailored to fit space constraints. The system can be complemented with some additional options to solve specific needs.

APC system example
APC system example
Main features
  • Automated system that sends empty trays passing under the x-ray inspection machine.
  • Double the flow of passengers in the Security Filter.
  • Minimize the physical space required for the Security Filter.
  • Reduces the personnel required for the operation of the Security Filter.
  • Competitive price.

Easy Access: The system has been designed to have quick and easy access to all points and thus be able to retrieve objects that may have moved and fell during the inspection process. By simply turning off the system and removing the polycarbonate panels, the operator has access to all electromechanical equipment.

Reconciliation line: The system can be completed with a passenger reconciliation line to speed up the process. Once the contents of a tray have been detected as suspicious, the tray is diverted from its path for a second inspection with the passenger. The implementation of this system significantly improves the fluidity of the passengers.

APC system example
APC system example
Additional elements
  • Passenger reconciliation line to streamline the process.
  • U-shaped configuration to maximize passenger flow and minimize operating personnel.
  • Light beacon to alert the Police in case of threat detection.
  • Ergonomic stainless steel console for the operator of the X-ray machine.
  • Integrated rolling shutters.
  • Folding chair built into the side for passengers whose footwear needs to be inspected. Being foldable it does not take up space in the filter area.
  • Frequency inhibitor to be activated from the control console when a threat is detected. Inhibits RF, GSM, 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE) and Wi-Fi signals.
APC system example
APC system example
APC system example

Example of the APC system including “U” shaped reconciliation and configuration line

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